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Behind the Scenes at FINE ART BY: Holly A. Jones, Inc.

What is your passion and what is your product? 

First and foremost, I am a visual artist. Creating is a true personal passion, never something I thought I would do as a career. I knew while growing up I wanted to be a business manager or owner so studied business throughout my education. While finishing my MBA at Nova Southeastern University in South Florida, my landlord happened to be a Gallerist. Upon developing a friendship with her, I began to learn the industry of fine art and what it took to be a self-published artist. She became my mentor when I took a leap of faith and went into business, producing out of my studio and selling at shows. Currently I produce fine art, designer handbags and travel accessories. With the branding of my products, I have been able to build my business by traveling the world (another personal passion), exhibiting and selling my products to fine art galleries, Museum stores and gift shops. 

What have you learned from this experience?

Like any business or career, there will be ups and downs. If you stay positive, and focus on setting yourself up for the next big opportunity, you'll look back and be surprised how much has been accomplished. Half of my time is dedicated to creating and product development. The other half of my time is marketing, sales and traveling to exhibitions and trade shows. Staying organized, and always planning three-to-six months in advance has been the secret for handling the various business necessities. 

What have been some of the biggest wins? 

Whenever you start something new, you never know where it'll take you. We all have dreams, goals and admirations. When exactly those future milestones happen can be anyones guess.  My biggest wins have been the unexpected successes. Those unexpected successes generally happen due to coincidence. A combination of hard work and luck make those coincidences happen more often than not. 

Toughest challenges?

When being a self-published artist, it puts me in a unique situation of both being the artist and business person. Producing art is personal. In the back of my mind I have to always remember that business is not personal. That can be difficult for some artists to overcome the emotional factor.  

What's your advice for others looking to do the same? 

The fine art world is a daunting industry to consider as a career choice if your educational path wasn't directed toward it while growing up. If you are a creative person, with the talent to produce something you are proud of, you can of course follow your passion into the art industry. You need to trust in your work and in the product you are selling. True art aficionados and collectors will recognize your passion in the work. 


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