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Visit our brand new online gallery of the latest

ART TO WEAR Collection items!

Fine Art


Private, public and commercial projects are always welcome - We provide much more than just the ART TO WEAR Collection!

Interior / Exterior Murals

Fine Wall Art (Framed Canvas)

Refurbished Vintage Surfboards

3-D Fiberglass Sculptures

Public Art Installations

Stained Glass

Custom Venetian Masks




& Events

ART TO WEAR Neiman Marcus Leather Access

All genuine and vegan leather items are hand-painted, one of a kind pieces of wearable art. The artwork is made of oil-based paint and dried with a UV curing process, ensuring many wearable years ahead with permanent designs.

Holly A Jones is commissioned by high-quality handbag and accessory brands to produce custom designs on their products for exclusive in-store customer events. Contact us to explore ART TO WEAR designs on your brand!

#MyArtTravels Explore & "Check-in" with our official hashtag on social media! 



We Love to see where the ART TO WEAR Collection Handbags and Travel Accessories around the world! Explore and share with us your adventures by using our official hashtag #MyArtTravels

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