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#MyArtTravels Tips: Long trip? Five Things You Should Never Travel Without

Neglecting to pack certain items can sometimes make your travels a little less enjoyable than they otherwise could have been. Deciding on which items to pack, however, can be easier said than done. So, which five items should you always take with you during your travels? Well, other than the obvious things like credit cards, passports, and travel visas, here are five items you should never travel without.

1. Local Currency

No matter where you're traveling, it's pretty much guaranteed that not all stores will accept credit or debit cards. To ensure you don't miss out on any purchasing opportunities during your travels, always bring along some local currency for when no other payment options are available. 

2. Sleep Kit

Traveling can feel like a chore when you're overly tired. To help you sleep during your travels, consider bringing along items like ear plugs and a sleep mask. If space isn't an issue, you may also want to pack your pillow as well for added comfort.

3. Downtime Entertainment

Downtime is an unfortunate reality for many types of travel. To keep yourself entertained while you're awaiting transportation or cooped up on a rainy day, consider bringing along items like an e-reader or an MP3 player.

4. Scarf

Very few items are as versatile as a basic scarf. A scarf can keep you warm when you're cold, it can dry you off when you're wet, and it can shield you from the sun's rays when you're spending time outdoors. It can also help camouflage that camera around your neck, act like a makeshift bag, and double as a picnic blanket in a pinch.

5. Universal Adapter Plug

If you're planning on plugging something in during your travels, be it a phone charger, laptop, electric razor, or whatever, remember that electrical outlets aren't standardized throughout the world. By packing a universal adapter plug, you'll be able to use most types of electrical outlets without issue.


If you're already taking an e-reader, consider loading it with a digital guide book about your chosen destination. A digital guide book requires no extra space while packing and will provide you with loads of information about the area, its local customs, and its popular attractions. It can also be a good idea to load your e-reader with a digital phrase book or two as well if you'll be visiting areas where you feel a language barrier might present a problem.

So there you have it! Now that you know which five things you should never travel without (some local currency, a sleep kit, downtime entertainment, a scarf, and a universal adapter plug) it's time to get packing those bags and see the world.

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