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#MyArtTravels Destination: Sanctuary House Hotel in Westminster Delivers Nicely

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

This relatively small hotel, 5 floors totaling 34 rooms overall, is perfectly situated in the heart of London's Westminster burrough. It sits on Tothill Street atop Fuller's Pie & Ale House pub. We couldn't have asked for a better location for a hotel. We were within walking distance of many major spots in London which were on our list during this visit, including Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament building, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Harrods Department Store, Westminster Abbey, The Mall, and Trafalgar Square among others. The hotel lobby and check-in desk are on the 2nd floor. We had brought with us enough luggage for our 17-day trip, so the tiny elevator was challenging, but doable.

The room we were given was a regular king size single room. The bedding was extremely plush, which made it super comfortable after an entire days worth of walking. The room itself was a tad on the smaller side, but I guess that ended up being ok because we didn't spend much time in the room at all except at the end of our sightseeing days. We had our king size bed, a small desk with a chair for writing, and an additional chair for lounging. The a/c unit in this room was arctic if you wanted it to be.

Now the bathroom, here's an interesting room. It included a full tub and shower. The shower was not fully enclosed though. Most showers in the States are enclosed to keep the floor from getting wet. Not here though. There was a small glass partition, maybe a foot or so wide, and the rest of the bathroom was open to the shower. Yes, it is safe to say that the floor was hit with a deluge of water after my shower. It is a challenge for me to shower and not splash.

How do the British do it?

Fuller's Ale & Pie House is located on the ground floor of the Sanctuary House Hotel. This is your typical London pub - certainly one of hundreds! I learned quickly that the customs are a bit different in London compared to back home in the US. Back home you either find your own table or are directed to an available table when you arrive at just about any restaurant or bar. Here though, you order your drink at the bar and only then find your way to a seat somewhere. That took me a few minutes to figure out... valuable minutes spent without quenching my thirst with London's finest - London Pride ale.

On your next visit to London, give the Sanctuary House Hotel a try. I have a feeling you will enjoy it. 

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