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#MyArtTravels Tips: Plan to see the world? Make sure you have worldwide travel insurance

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and are planning to get out there and see the world, make sure that your travel insurance coverage is worldwide. Without it, you may end up facing some serious challenges should unexpected problems arise during your worldwide travels.

When considering worldwide travel insurance, you’ll have a number of options. Will single trip insurance be enough or is annual multi-trip insurance more suited to your needs? You’ll also need to decide which types of coverage you’d like included in your insurance policy. This may include things like trip cancellation, medical, baggage loss, etc. Be sure to discuss your plans and ideas with your insurance provider so they can help you find the type of plan that is best for you.

No matter which insurance companies you are considering, always take the necessary time to read over each policy’s conditions and exclusions. Failure to do so could leave you with a policy not quite suited to your needs. If any part of the policy is unclear to you, ask your insurance provider for clarification. In the event you are not provided with adequate clarification, consider purchasing your worldwide travel insurance from another source.

There are countless places worth visiting around the world. To ensure that you and your loved ones are fully covered during your next multi-location vacation, make sure your travel insurance has worldwide coverage. Worldwide travel insurance will help you leave your worries behind so you can focus on what really matters – getting out there and seeing the world.


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