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#MyArtTravels Tips: How to Pick the Perfect Themed Vacation for You and Your Travel Partner

When seeking a theme for your next vacation, you are likely to come across endless suggestions. While your friends and family may be quick to recommend a music, sports, or history-themed vacation, a popular travel site may suggest a culture, fine dining, or wine-themed vacation. So, how can you find the perfect vacation theme for you and your travel partner when there are so many themes to choose from? Well, start by talking with your travel partner. A simple conversation can help narrow down your options, which hopefully, will direct you toward the perfect vacation theme.

Here are three topics worth discussing with your travel partner:

Topic #1 - Interests

When planning a themed vacation, always consult with your travel partner about their interests. That way, you can look for themes that will be interesting to both you and your travel partner. Once you've discovered some shared interests, ask around or search online for related theme suggestions. If you're lucky, your search might uncover the perfect vacation theme for you and your travel partner.

Topic #2 - Destination Preferences

Most people have at least one place they've always wanted to visit or would like to visit again. Discuss such places with your travel partner to find similarities in your destination preferences. If you both want to visit a certain country and said country is home to a mutually-liked sports team or musician, consider taking a sports or music-themed vacation. If, on the other hand, a country you both wish to visit is known for its world-class cuisine or historic landmarks, consider taking a fine dining or history-themed vacation instead.

Topic #3 - Budget

As certain themed vacations cost more than others, it's important to know how much your travel partner is willing to spend before deciding on a theme. If money is tight and your preferred vacation theme goes beyond either of your budgets, then you'll need to choose a more affordable theme or postpone your trip until you've both saved up the necessary funds to successfully achieve your vacation goals.

There's no doubt that picking the perfect vacation theme can be a struggle – especially when traveling with a partner. Luckily, there's a way for paired travelers to narrow down their choices and more easily spot the themes with the highest potential. By asking your travel partner about their interests, destination preferences, and budget, you can discover areas of common ground, while eliminating any themes that fail to match the interests or budget of either party. This should set you on the right track toward picking the perfect themed vacation for you and your travel partner.

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