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#MyArtTravels Destination: The Church Of The Savior On The Spilled Blood in St Petersburg, Russia.

Wow. There is no better word to describe this unreal site than 'wow.' I've seen pictures of it online and in books, but none do it any justice once your own eyes gaze upon it. 

When you first lay eyes upon this church, you can't help but stare at the vivid colors on the onion-shaped roof features. It spans such an array of colors. With our Grand Tour 2-Day excursion from our Carnival Cruise we skipped the line and our group of 44 from the Carnival Legend walked immediately into the church to begin our tour of the inside. 

It's inside where you can witness hundreds of years of artistry upon the walls and ceiling of the church. The walls are decorated with the most intricately painted artwork of an era not seen for centuries. Last time I saw this highly detailed artistry and elegance in a church was Italy with its Duomo in Florence and the Vatican Museum among a great many others there. There is an abundance of gold used in the paintings on the walls as well as the domed ceilings. If that wasn't enough, inside the church is the resting place of Alexander The Great. His tomb is marked by a grandiose structure which always has fresh flowers laid just in front of it. 

In one of the stories told during our visit, it was described that the Russians had made plans to demolish this church because it was not stable -- it had been originally built above the intersection of 3 rivers / canals which made the foundation very unstable for a structure this size. Those plans were put aside in June 1941 when, just a few days before it was due to be demolished, the Germans declared war and invaded Russia during WWII. Were it not for that fortuitous timing - for better or for worse I suppose in the grander scheme of things - this amazing church would be lost forever. 

As mesmerizing as the inside is, the outside is by no means any less beautiful. Circle the exterior of this iconic church and you're sure to get lost in its architecture, its flamboyant colors and its unique characteristics. There isn't one church, landmark, monument, or building that quite resembles this one with its colorful onion-shaped rooftop features and its awe inspiring interior.

This is certainly a MUST SEE if you ever had one.


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