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#MyArtTravels Destination ✈ Ibiza- Not Just A Party Island

You could say that Ibiza is the Ying and Yang of holiday destinations. While it is better known for its hedonism and debaucherous party scene, many people who haven't yet ventured to this fantastic little island are unaware of its tranquillity and natural beauty.


Ibiza is the ideal destination for a little rest and recuperation from busy, modern lives, as there is an abundance of relaxation and therapeutic alternatives.

To create the ultimate zen getaway you can choose from an array of yoga, meditation and healing classes, which will enrich your mind, body, and spirit.

Or pamper yourself at one of the many spas and wellness centers with a massage or aromatherapy. Then indulge in nutritious food and drinks while chilling out by the pool.

Relaxing on the Beach

Many beaches get very busy during peak season, but if you venture away from the most popular areas, you will find crystal clear, shallow waters.

You can discover little hidden treasures if you don’t mind clambering over a few rocks to get there. Renting a moped is one way to get around the coastline and easy to just hop on and off where it pleases you.

If all of that sounds like too much effort, you can drench yourself in the sunshine while gazing out from Cala d' Hort Beach, while taking in the greatness of the Es Vedra Rock and absorbing the magnetic energy it projects.

The rock itself holds myths and legends which make this island even more endearing. Some believe that the Es Vedra rock is the third most magnetic place on earth and that it's a gateway or a navigation beacon for UFOs.

Hiking and walking

If you prefer quiet walks away from it all, escape within a group or by yourself on many of the guided routes and trails.

There are plenty to choose from, leading you over hills, past lavender fields and through pine forests leading to old towns and quaint villages.

One of the best ways to see Ibiza in all of its glory is by foot at 475 meters above sea level. Ibiza's highest point is Sa Talaia, which is in the Southwest of the island, where you can absorb miles of stunning scenery.

Exploration of your inner soul

Ravers and spiritual seekers alike, make their way to this island longing for an escape, to let go or connect with others.

An island with a reputation for being the club capital of Europe also has a spiritual soul, no one can deny it's magnetic pull and radiant energy.

So, before you rule this island out as nothing more than a raver's paradise, consider exploring the splendor this island truly holds and immerse yourself in all of its' awesomeness.

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