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"Moon over Miami" Paline on Exhibition for #VeniceInTheGables

Updated: May 30, 2018

The City of Coral Gables is celebrating the completion of the Downtown Miracle Mile and Giralda Streetscape Project with an exciting art project, Venice in the Gables

Eight foot tall replicas of Venetian mooring posts (paline), resembling the picturesque canal posts for the gondolas of Venice, will grace the streets of downtown Coral Gables for a temporary exhibit inviting visitors and residents to interact with the new streetscape. The public exhibition starts on Friday, May 18th, 2018.

Coral Gables Artist Holly A Jones was inspired to produce "Moon over Miami" which is a city beautiful garden scene under a bright Miami moon. Holly's Paline is sponsored by Weissel Properties. Bright metallic colors along with glow in the dark paint creates an exciting evening sensation. A glossy commercial-grade final coat of clear makes the garden scene come to life. For a time, Holly lived next to the Venetian pool, a historic city landmark that features the authentic venetian palines.

To view the "Moon over Miami"Venetian Paline on exhibition, visit:

2400 Salzedo Avenue

(In front of California Pizza Kitchen on Miracle Mile)

Coral Gables, Florida 33134

The "Moon over Miami" Paline includes various plants and flowers found in Coral Gables and throughout lush, tropical South Florida. The next time you visit the Paline, see if you can find all of the vegetation painted within the artwork.

Botanical Flowers Include:

Birds of Paradise

Orchid (Lady Slipper)




Blue Flag Iris



Palms Include:

Fern Frond

Banana Leaf

Fan Palm

Papyrus Frond

Be sure to use our official hashtag #MyArtTravels while visiting the "Moon over Miami" Paline and "Check-in" with your own pictures. The city is also using the social media hashtags #VeniceInTheGables and #CoralGablesArts for this very special public art exhibition.


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