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Inspired by the foothills of the Ozarks

The latest ART TO WEAR Collection bags, new for Summer 2017 have been inspired by a recent trip to the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Northern Arkansas. Natural beauty pours out of every stream and landscape. After living in South Florida, a trip to the country side is quite notable the best breath of fresh air one can experience after some time spent living in the big city of Miami.

In awe by not only the landscape, but also the people who live and interact with mother nature on a daily basis are just as inspiring to connect to.  A young gentleman by the name of Cameron introduced me to the world of fly fishing and tying. Born and raised in a premier-class trout capital of the world, Cameron has a natural instinct of when the fish are biting and what gets them on his line. Over the years Cameron has mastered the true art form of fly tying. Each and every tie is produced with very intricate precision of shapes and colors, that are attractive to particular fish species.  

Unexpectedly, being exposed to another's passion for fishing had sparked a new line within our ART TO WEAR Collection Handbags. By combining two art forms, fly tying and textile art, we were able to produce a handbag

 line dubbed the name "Bait Bags" which are all handmade and composed of fine-quality materials. Each bag is made of canvas, shantung silk and genuine leather in our Miami studio. What makes the bags so special are the one of a kind, handmade tied flies by Cameron, combined with our matching gold-leaf fish and nautical artwork.

The"Bait Bags" launched earlier this month in gallery gift shops, and now have become a very popular item this Summer season for the ART TO WEAR collectors. New bags are uploaded daily online as they are produced, visit online at to see the latest from the Holly A Jones studio.

To connect and learn more about fly fishing and tying with Cameron, visit


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