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ART TO WEAR Collection Featured on Shopify

The ART TO WEAR Collection was featured in today's Shopify article "Turn Passion Into Product: How 7 Retailers Found Success With In-Person Sales" by Alexandra Sheehan. 


Florida-based “mobile” retailer Holly Jones turned her passion for art into a whole line of products, the ART TO WEAR collection. “I knew while growing up I wanted to be a business manager or owner,” she says. “Creating is a true personal passion — never something I thought I would do as a career.” 

Coincidentally, while finishing her MBA, Jones had a landlord who was a gallerist. That relationship introduced Jones to the world of fine art. Jones has found that when pursuing your passion as a business, you’re faced with the balance of being both the “creator” and the CEO. “Producing art is personal,” Jones says. “In the back of my mind, I have to always remember that business is not personal.”


Jones doesn’t have a storefront, but in-person selling has been instrumental to her success. And it’s allowed her to incorporate another passion into her business: travel. “I have been able to build my business by traveling the world, exhibiting and selling my products to fine art galleries, museum stores, and gift shops,” she says.

Though not every retailer has the luxury of traveling while growing their business, it does lend the lesson that digital interactions can’t replace in-person interactions. Being able to share your passion with potential customers, in real life, is irreplaceable. No email or Facebook post can replicate that exchange.

“My business model does not require a brick-and-mortar storefront,” she says. Jones has established a retail business through in-person selling without the overhead of maintaining a physical space — a reminder that turning your passion into a product doesn’t mean you have to invest in a store.


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