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A Traveler’s Guide to Resorts in Jamaica

With its beautiful beaches, laid back atmosphere, and warm sunshine, Jamaica is the perfect place for your next vacation.  Most travelers choose to spend their vacation at one of Jamaica’s many resorts because they are safe and economical.  However, before you pack your bags and set off on your trip, consider these simple tips that will make your vacation at a Jamaican resort one that you will never forget.

Vacations are about unwinding from the stress of everyday life.  Ensure that your trip is stress free by booking travel arrangements to your resort before you get on the plane.  Most resorts have buses to take their guests to and from the airport.  If your trip package does not include this, a travel agent can arrange for a private car or taxi to meet you at the airport when you arrive.

There is no need to bring a large amount of cash when you go to Jamaica.  Since most resorts in the country are all inclusive, there will be few circumstances where you will need pocket money.  Bring just enough to tip the staff, buy souvenirs, and pay for any other incidentals you can think of.  Large purchases, such as day trips and excursions, should be bought at the resort and can be paid for with a major credit card.

Tipping is customary in Jamaica and can be done with American dollars.  While you are at the resort, you will need to tip the bartenders and the maid staff who help you.  Bartenders should be tipped a dollar at a time for their services.  Maids can be tipped two dollars when you see them or if you need something extra for your room.  It is best to bring small bills with you for these purposes.

Most resorts will provide bottled water in your room at no additional charge.  Even though you can choose to drink bottled water for the length of your trip, there is no need to avoid drinking the tap water while you are in Jamaica.  The country’s water quality is held to international standards and is considered among the best in the world.

Jamaica is a great destination to enjoy the sunny skies and relaxed atmosphere of the Caribbean.  To better prepare for your trip, ensure that your travel arrangements are pre-booked and that you bring several small bills for tipping.  When planned right, a vacation to Jamaica is one that you will never forget.

Happy & safe travels ahead! 


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Philip T. Greene
Philip T. Greene
3 days ago

This guide offers practical tips for enjoying a stress-free vacation at resorts in Jamaica, highlighting the convenience of pre-booked travel arrangements and the all-inclusive nature of most resorts. It also provides advice on tipping practices, the use of bottled and tap water, and the minimal need for carrying cash. Cannobio Ferienwohnung

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