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A Chilly #MyArtTravels Adventure to Reykjavik, Iceland

One of our travel-loving collectors took an adventurous trip to Reykjavik, Iceland this month. It is the largest city and capital of Iceland. It was voted the "European Adventure Destination of the year for 2018" by the Luxury Travel Guide (LTG). Reykjavík is so much more than just a destination; it’s a place of exciting possibilities surrounded by incredible landscapes, where countless adventures beckon and a host of natural wonders await.

If Reykjavik, Iceland isn't on your bucket list of destinations, it's time to add it! Learn a lot more about what this magnificent place has to offer, visit:

#MyArtTravels “Checking-in” #Reykjavik Iceland  🇮🇸 Located at latitude 64.1265° N and longitude 21.8174° W

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