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#MyArtTravels Tips: How to Keep an Open Mind When Visiting New Destinations

Visiting new destinations opens the door to experiences that you might otherwise never encounter. After all, foreign destinations are home to many new sights, sounds, tastes, and attractions that are different from what you are used to back home. Beyond the obvious differences, however, many foreign destinations are also likely to have different social customs and belief systems than you're used to. To fully embrace such differences when visiting new destinations, it's important to keep an open mind. Below are four tips that can help you keep an open mind when visiting new destinations.

1. Prepare yourself by learning what to expect.

The key to keeping an open mind is knowledge. After all, if you don't know the kind of things to expect when visiting a new destination, you won't be as prepared to experience them. To better prepare yourself for any differences you may encounter, search the Internet, ask fellow travelers, and read travel guides about your chosen destination. Just be aware that no matter how much you prepare, you're still likely to be faced with new ideas, foods, or adventures that you hadn't even considered. Keeping an open mind will help you embrace any unexpected moments that pop up during your trip.

2. Be conscious of your mindset.

When exploring new destinations, you are likely to notice many things that differ from what you are used to back home. Consciously keeping an open mind will help you embrace such differences, so you can better understand and appreciate the uniqueness of your chosen destination. If you find yourself being closed off to unexpected ideas or experiences when visiting new destinations, remind yourself that keeping an open mind not only helps you to better understand other cultures and belief systems, but it can also open the door to many new and unique experiences during your trip.

3. Don't be afraid to leave your comfort zone.

Though it can be hard to leave your comfort zone regardless of the situation, remember that by doing so while traveling, you can expand your mind and palate, while increasing your chances of experiencing some once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Keep in mind, however, that leaving your comfort zone doesn't mean entering unsafe situations or renouncing your core ideology. Always use your better judgement when leaving your comfort zone and stay true to your values.

4. Embrace your adventurous spirit.

While keeping an open mind, don't forget that it's also important to embrace your adventurous spirit. After all, what good is having an open mind if you won't be able to see, taste, or experience anything new because you refuse to leave your hotel room? When traveling to new destinations, always bring along your sense of adventure, so you can experience more of your destination's unique offerings.

It's certainly true that traveling allows you to experience many exciting new adventures, but it can also teach you about the cultural differences that make each country unique. It's through these differences that traveling can directly affect your worldview, while at the same time, broaden your perspective of future situations and events back home. So, the next time you're visiting a foreign destination, don't be afraid to open your mind to new ideas and experiences. After all, if you plan to spend your trip avoiding the very things that make the area unique, then you might as well stay home.


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